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State Representative Garry has been involved in many projects that have benefited and enriched the lives of the constituents in her district. 

These projects include:

  • $45,000 Technology Grant - Dracut Public Schools

  • $2.5 Million Mass. Works Grant for Dracut

  • $2.5 Million Mass. Works Grant for Tyngsborough

  • Broadway Road - Dracut Project

  • Flints Corner - Tyngsborough Project

  • Creation of Mathew G. Boule Memorial Park

  • $11 Million, 2% Loan for Tyngsborough Sewer Expansion

  • Reconstruction of Methuen Rotary

  • $50 Million for Major Repairs at Greater Lowell Technical High School

  • Funds to Purchase and Refurbish 1st Parish Meeting House in Tyngsborough

  • Restoration of Old Town Hall in Tyngsborough

  • Supporter Manolis Family Foundation Project Helping Hands

  • Creation of the Temporary Tyngsborough Bridge

  • Rehabilitation of the existing Tyngsborough Bridge

  • School Building project of the new Lakeview Junior High School in Dracut

  • School Building project of the new Tyngsborough Elementary School

  • $60 Million Dracut High School Renovation and Addition Project

  • New Tyngsborough Library

  • Renovation and addition of the Dracut Library

  • Creation of Veterans' Memorial Park in Dracut

  • Creation of Dillon McAnespie Park in Dracut

  • Creation of Tygnsborough Frost Road Park in Tyngsborough

  • Renovation of the Sherburne Nature Center in Tyngsborough

  • Harmony Hall in Dracut

  • Council on Aging Addition in Dracut

  • Expansion of Route 3

  • Reconfiguration of Route 110 in Dracut

  • Lakeview Avenue Project in Dracut

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