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The Massachusetts Online Voter

Registration System allows you to:

  • Apply to register or pre-register to vote in Massachusetts.

  • Change your name or address for voter registration purposes.

  • Enroll in a political party, change your party enrollment, or unenroll from a party.

  • Verify that you are registered.

in Massachusetts

Not sure which precinct you should vote at?

Click here, enter your street address and city/town to find out!

*Tyngsborough Polling Locations*

Precincts 1 & 2

Tyngsborough Middle School

50 Norris Road

Precincts 3 & 4

Tyngsborough Elementary School

205 Westford Road

*Dracut Polling Locations*

Precincts 1 & 6A

Senior Center

951 Mammoth Road

Precincts 2, 5, 6 and 9

Lakeview Junior High School

Lakeview Avenue

Precincts 3 & 8

Moses Greely Parker Library

28 Arlington Street

Precincts 4 & 7

Campbell School

1021 Methuen Street

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