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IBEW Local 2321 Endorses

Colleen Garry for

State Rep in 36th Middlesex District 

Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2321 endorse the incumbent State Representative Colleen Garry in the 36th Middlesex District which includes the Towns of Dracut and Tyngsborough. 

“Rep. Colleen Garry has done the job of fighting for middle class families in her district and beyond,” said IBEW Local President Lee Gitschier. “When our members were out on strike in 2016, Colleen was there for us and she was the first legislator to join the picket line in Lowell, supporting our locked out USW brothers on June 24th.”

Garry stated, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of these dedicated workers. They truly are united for the best interests of not only their members and their families, but for all middle class families.”

The IBEW Local 2321 represents over 700 workers in Massachusetts.

Tyngsborough Firefighters Association Endorses Colleen Garry for State Rep in 36th Middlesex District

Dracut Firefighters Local 2586 Endorse

Colleen Garry for Re-election as State Representative

I am extremely proud to receive the endorsement of the men and women of the Dracut Firefighters, IAFF Local 2586! From protecting health insurance benefits for them and their families; increasing the in the line of duty death benefit; to assisting with infrastructure funding for a new fire station this year, I am very proud of the work I have been able to accomplish on their behalf. 


I admire these men and women so much for their willingness to serve our community in the toughest of situations! I will continue to fight to protect them, especially on items like the chemical extractors for their gear which directly impacts their health and safety!

Leo McMahon, President of Local 2586, stated, “Colleen has always been there for the members of Local 2586 and our families! Over the last 24 years, Colleen has become a vital member of our firefighting family in Dracut. We need to keep her in the State House fighting for us and Dracut!”

Tyngsborough Superior Officers, NEPBA Local 8B Endorse Colleen Garry for Re-election as State Representative

The Tyngsborough Superior Officers, New England Police benevolent Association Local 8B is proud to endorse the candidacy of State Representative Colleen Garry for re-election.


"Colleen has worked tirelessly to support not only police officers of her district but all of Law Enforcement throughout the Commonwealth. We are happy to stand with Colleen in her campaign because we know we can always count on her," stated Shaun Wagner, President, Tyngsborough Superior Officers, NEPBA Local 8B.

Dracut Patrolmen, New England Police Benevolent Local 4A Endorse Colleen Garry for Re-election as State Representative

"It is with great pleasure that the Dracut Patrolmen, New England Police Benevolent Local 4A announces their endorsement of State Representative Colleen Garry in the 2018 election.


We appreciate all Colleen has done as our State Representative over the past 24 years. We know we can depend on her continued support of Police and Public Safety. We proudly stand with her in her candidacy!" Greg Gaetano, President, Dracut Patrolmen, Local 4A.

EDITORIAL: Re-elect Colleen Garry

in the 36th Middlesex

The Lowell Sun

UPDATED:   08/27/2018 08:19:18 AM EDT

State Rep. Colleen Garry's toughest election was her first, when in 1994 she defeated a well-known selectman in the primary and a hard-nosed Republican in the general to represent the 36th Middlesex District. Since then it's been smooth sailing. There's a reason. Garry does what reps are supposed to do: take care of business in the district.

On Sept. 4, Garry faces a primary challenge from Dracut School Committee member Sabrina Heisey, a progressive who seems bent on shaking things up politically. What's good for Heisey, however, might not be so good for the district, which includes Tyngsboro.


Garry isn't the typical Beacon Hill Democrat. She's got a conservative streak that often bucks the interests of House leaders and others. She raises points that should be debated in the open and not ushered into backroom wheeling and dealing. Still, leadership respects her views, the reason why Garry's been able to win millions in funding for public education, public safety, parks and recreation, and economic development projects in both Dracut and Tyngsboro.

She remains committed to protecting the rural environment and advocates for senior citizens and veterans.


To some voters, local initiatives count. Last week, a civic organization Garry helped form, Dracut Volunteers, announced it raised $20,000 for GIS trackers to be given to individuals who could go missing, like Alzheimer's patients or a young person with autism. The idea behind Dracut Volunteers began with the search for Kathryn Lucier, a Dracut woman with dementia who went missing in 2016 before being found following an intensive three-day search -- a search Garry participated in.

Voters can depend on Garry to remain local to the core in her job at the Statehouse. Boston hasn't changed her, and never will.

The Sun endorses Rep. Colleen Garry in the Democrat primary for state representative in the 36th Middlesex.

American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts endorses Colleen Garry's Candidacy

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New England Police Benevolent Association endorses Garry's for State Representative of the 36th Middlesex District!

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Why Should Colleen Garry be Re-elected as Your State Representative?

Let's Hear What the Constituents Have To Say!


Because you care about the towns people you represent.
Thank you taking of us in the past and to your reflection. You have my vote.

Therese Lacourse

Because from the day you decided to seek office you have kept your word to the voters. That's an accomplishment not many, if any, can say. There are many other reasons you should be re-elected but this space isn't big enough.

Maureen Cogger Wilkie

Your continued and repeated defense of the 2nd amendment and devotion to student safety. You loudly showcase that the two aren't contradictory positions and you should be commended for it. You are absolutely the shining star of Massachusetts and you can help retain our freedom.

Steve Silvia

Your accessibility to your constituents is unmatched. Your devotion to the towns you serve is your priority and in general you're just awesome. This is why my family and I have always voted for you.

Glenn McCarthy Sr.

I remember going to the Statehouse about 15 years ago after a friend won a lunch and tour with you in a raffle and she invited me along. What a day, and what I remember most was the absolute pride we had in our Dracut native state representative after witnessing the clear respect your peers in the Statehouse, reps, senators and others, have for you. We knew after watching these interactions that you were where you should be and that you would always get the job done. Our Dracut native blazing trails! Since then I’ve watched you work tirelessly to be among the people you represent and to represent them fairly and compassionately. Yet it was that trip to Boston that showed you as a true shining star making a difference. Thanks for that day!

Debbie Hovanasian

Because you always have and will always be about the town's you represent making sure the little guy always has someone in his corner

Nancy Machado Rondeau

Your commitment to both your towns and children is genuine. You keep your promises in all you do for your community. I can't wait for the chance to get live back in town to have you as our State Rep. Keep up the good you do for your community as a civilian and a Representative

Cheryl Philbrick Pouliot


You are very accessible and sincerely care about your district. You got my vote.

Maureen Holt

You give Dracut and Tyngsborough your heart and soul!

Margaret LaValle Ogonowski Hatch

Colleen Garry is one of the few representatives that you can use as an example against term limits. She has always had the best interest of people in her district of Dracut and Tyngsboro on a daily basis. She has always supported our kids and the community’s kids in their accomplishments. She makes herself available to every community event she can possibly go to. She is so approachable and informative. If you have any questions about what is going on in the state house you can contact her, and she will get back to you as soon as she can. She is one of the most forthright politicians/people I know.  One regret we have about moving is that we no longer live in her district.

Susan Ralls

Because you care about the small towns you represent. Also as a healthcare provider and nurse practitioner, you have answered and supported whenever I’ve emailed. Reassuring to know that you support people in need

Kathy Courtney

You are a true daughter of Dracut who knows the people because you are one of us.

Brian Flaherty

You are a true Representative of the people. Totally in touch with the communities and people you represent. And lets not forget, totally dedicated the job you were elected to.

Steve Enos


Because you are and always have been, Honest, Sincere, Loyal, Dependable, Accessible 24/7, Hardworking, Caring, Determined, Helpful, Approachable and Supportive to the needs of every Constituent in Dracut and Tyngsboro. 
You have my Vote, Forever!

Rosemarie Buckley

1) You didn't vote yourself a raise in the middle of the night.
2) You're involved in the community and proved such when you created Dracut community group after that woman went missing.
3) You are experienced.
4) You didn't mislead the voters of Dracut when after only a year on School Committee you decided to run for State Rep. without fulfilling your promise.

Oh wait that last one is not you...I'm no Democrat and will criticize you when I feel you made a bad decision, but at same time don't think you do it because you need a job. Ouch.

Going to be interesting to see how many people will now get involved in State politics, now that they all got raises.

Chris Tierney

Intelligent. Experienced. Proven track record. Dedicated. Most of all --- State Representative Colleen Garry understands the needs of our district, has always stood by the people of our district, and will continue to do so. She knows the value of education. She comes from a family of educators. She understands the myriad of issues plaguing society. Colleen is never "too busy" to hear or "understand". Whatever the issue, Colleen will seek to resolve what is best for the common good. Unbiased, thoughtful, unassuming, State Rep. Colleen Garry knows how to get the job done. Period. Vote COLLEEN GARRY.

Caroline Zuk


Most approachable politician I’ve ever met. She is compassionate and can always be counted on to advocate for our community. 
Best of all she has a big ❤️

George Rose

I have seen 1st hand how compassionate and dedicated you are to ALL the people in the communities that you serve (and more). With no discrimination or hesitation to help anyone. You are truly one of very few, that are always accessible and will listen to anything someone has to say, whether or not you disagree.You definitely have my family's VOTE.

Susan LaDuke

Your devotion to your constituents.

Wayne Lamarche


Colleen, you are the person we need to fight for us! You are such a wonderful person that gives her all & keeps giving & giving. You are always available for us & is there when we need you. One of the greatest thing is you get to know all of us! You are what a state rep should be & more.

Cissy Szafran


When I vote, I try to choose the candidate who is not only someone who will work, but is truly honest. That is you!

Leslie Zelinski Power


Passion, commitment, consistency!

Tracey Newbegin DeBruin


Colleen is someone who truly cares about this community and does tangible things every day to help people--as a lawyer, as a humanitarian and as an integral part of this community. Honored to support her, as she is passionate, dedicated, and acts with integrity.

Jerilynn Jacobson


Legislates with common sense! 😎

Mark Dionne

Colleen is dedicated, concerned, passionate, experienced, intelligent, honest, genuine, a friend to everyone, goes above and beyond to help everyone in Tyngsborough and Dracut and gets the job done.

Nick DePasquale


You are a fair, honest, dedicated, accessible representative. You tirelessly take care of the people of Dracut & Tyngsboro. I’m so happy you are my representative! You will always have my vote!

Eileen Horan

I like that you know a great deal of the people you represent! When you ask most people in Dracut about you they almost always have some sort of personal connection to you!

Kaitlyn Roberts

Colleen has Dracut's back!

Donna Downey Vallois


You are fair honest trustworthy and a go getter. You think of the people first and that's a very good trait You are easy to approach and easy to talk to You've got my vote and may God bless you and guide you

Joanne Laurent

Because you are a straight up woman who truly cares about everyone in your town! There is so much to say but as you can see from everyones comments, it's already covered for me to say anymore.

Bill Kaltsas

I found out the. dedication you have during the snow storms, constantly on Facebook helping people with no power

Cynthia Kungulus

I'm a conservative republican and feel that your views as a Democrat are conservative also. Especially when it comes to law and order. I feel you are a perfect example of compromise. We need more Reps like you here in Ma. And at the federal level on both sides.

John Davey

I cannot vote for you but hopefully the Dracut people will see your dedication and vote for you! Unfortunately my house is the last house in Lowell on my St ... sad but true!  lol

Pauline Fauvel

I wouldn't vote any other way! Colleen is always there for everyone's needs. She is thoughtful, gracious and kind. She has done an excellent job as State Representative. She is dedicated , honest and genuine. She puts others needs before her own. She definitely gets our votes!

Shirley Ralls

I’m no longer part of your constituency Colleen, but I’m happy to shout out for you, YOU’RE GREAT, passionate and perfect for the community! 😉

Chuck Chronop

You've done the job.You know the job. Yet you stull strive to understand your constituents like it was day one. Proactive, not reactive, yet supremly approachable.

Ben Savage

Colleen Garry you listen to the people in your area and give us the support we need. You do not give in to the negativity. Thank you for being our voice!

Linda McGowan

Colleen Garry, You Rock!  Dracut is lucky to have you fighting for us!  You aren't a "grand stander" making promises, instead you are a woman of ACTION!  Your record speaks for itself!  You are loved and supported by so got this!

Laura Tusa

Dracut and Tyngsboro couldn't ask for a better Rep!
Amy Donahue

You have my support.
Sharyn Seymour

You've got my vote Colleen !!!!
Jim Flynn

You have my vote too !!!
Diane Villemaire Hall

You have my vote Colleen!!
Paula Lach

Can't make the meeting you have my support as always!
Brian Flaherty

You have my vote!!
Mary Midgley

You have my vote. And you have my lawn for the signs when you get them.
Cheryl Bradley

Happy to hear you are running again.
Bob Logan

You have our vote as always Colleen!!!
Bonnie Paris

ALL NEPBA MEMBERS: Rep. Colleen Garry has always been a go to person in the State Legislature with respect to issues involving law enforcement. I am proud to call her a friend and more importantly in an era of politics over people Rep. Garry has shown she is an elected representative of the people. Although we, clearly do not agree on EVERY issue - she has always been accessible, truthful and willing to fight the fight regardless of its popularity! Thank you, Colleen & best of luck!
Jerry Flynn
You'll continue to get my vote Colleen Garry.
Lori Hoffman Duchesne

You have my support, too! I won't be able to make the meeting, I will be out of town until the 22nd. Sign me up for sign duty with Wally!

Joni Babaletos

I'll be there Colleen!
Terry McKinnon Williams

Colleen it was nice talking with you in the town hall yesterday in Tyngsboro. I told you I have voted for you since you started years ago.
Stanley G. Chamallas


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